Friday, 12 December 2014

Why they shouln't

The United States of America, should not normalize diplomatic relations with the government of Cuba for several reasons, that's what I think. I know that many expects something to come out this, but I fear you're all in for a huge disappointment. Hear me out:

This is not a democratic country we are talking about, is a cruel dictatorial, dynastic government that exercises its control over everyone. That suppresses freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to own businesses. A government that limits the potencial of its own people, out of the fear of loosing its firm grip.

Cuba is under the list, among few others, of a state sponsor of terrorism by the Department of State. This is not something to take likely, is not something the Americans came up with. Many guerrillas and liberation movement in our continent, are still there today because the Cuban government fund them, and trained them. That's the case of FARC in Colombia and ETA in Spain. Also Cuba has violated sanctions imposed to North Korea by the UN, when it was found war material being smuggled to the Asian country through a ship coming from Cuba, with Cuban armament.  It's upsetting seeing the whole world agreeing that some group that terror innocent people everywhere, are terrorist, and in our country they are just people fighting their corrupt government. 
You all heard the news when the Syrian government bombed with Sarin gas the town of Ghouta, and yet out government refuses to accept that the government is the only one with access to such quimical weapons.
The F.B.I has recently warned that Cuban intelligence is trying to recruit people in the academic world as agents of influence. 

The Cuba dictatorship continues to violate human rights and shows no intention to make amends. The small economic changes it has made are directed at strengthening the regime. Why should we reward that behaviour? During the entire 20th century, the U.S. was reproached for maintaining normal relations with right-wing dictatorships. For the first time, the U.S. maintains a morally consistent position in Latin America and should nor sacrifice it.
A reversal of policy would be a cruel blow against the Cuban democrats and dissidents who view the United States as their only dependable ally in the world. Normalizing relations would be the proof needed by the Stalinists in the Cuban government to demonstrate that they don't have to make any political changes to be accepted. Not to mention a premature reconciliation without substantial changes would also be a harsh blow to the reformists in the Cuban government who are pressuring toward a democratic opening.