Friday, 8 January 2016

A new beggining?

Hello everyone, today I've decided to share with you all some new about what is gonna be my life in the foreseeing future. As you all know, due to the difficult situation that our disgraceful government has put the free press on, specially freedom of speech, I've been unable to update this blog regularly. I don't know exactly when it got this wrong that I can even buy a prepaid internet card because somehow my name is leaked and they sense I'm dangerous to them, which is bullshit. They should not be afraid of me, they should be afraid of the people, because all the power ultimately must and will be on the people. So, as you know it's been difficult for me to get online, and every day is a little bit more difficult. Sometimes I get frustrated because I want to share my views on issues that afflict our country, and I can't voice that opinions. I can't go outside and speak my mind because I would be arrested, I can't get them on this blog because is so difficult to get online and most of the time I have to rely on the good will of friends, taking me to their workplace and using a proxy server, update this blog. I am forever grateful to everyone that has helped me, that encouraged me when I got so difficult that I didn't new what was going to be with my life. Specially I want to thanks Lali, my best friend, she has been my support in everything and what is most important, she has always got my back. Of course, my parents are my strength and I guess I am the man that I am today because of them.
The news is that soon, God willing, I'll be outside my country, and maybe I'll get the chance there to do something more meaningful for the freedom of my homeland. I know it won't be difficult, it never is, but I trust that with the love of God, and all the good thoughts I receive from you, everything will turn out for the best.
I guess I never thought I would be actually leaving, I thought of visiting other places of course, meeting new people, but I never thought I would be doing a temporary permanent leave. Actually I was surprise when I got my passport, I was most certainly sure that I wouldn't get it. But I think that maybe they just want to get rid off me for good, so they made my live really difficult, kick me out of school, intimidate me, make it imposible for me to get an honest job somewhere, arresting me. They authorizing me to get my passport was their way of saying, get the fuck out of here.
I don't know what my live is going to be now forth, but I certainly hope I will be better.